💻️🕹️ I bought a ThinkPad.


I got a ThinkPad T480 from Computershop Frankfurt like 2 months ago and a 72 Wh battery from Kingsener (Can’t find it anymore on Amazon.) for it shortly after. Unfortunately, I first accidentally got a 72 Wh battery for other ThinkPad models. I didn’t get the first party Lenovo 72 Wh battery because it was like 3 times the price. 72 Wh battery for ThinkPad T480 sticking out of the rest of the T480 , which it is inserted in. original image, not downscaled and more compressed The 24 Wh battery from Lenovo that came with the laptop ran out pretty quickly in school. On the T480 you can hot swap the battery (It has another internal battery that it uses while the hot-swappable battery is out.) though I have only successfully done that a few times. More often than not it didn’t keep running and I don’t know why. Recently I have been hibernating before swapping because of that. When I don’t have the longest school days though I don’t need the 2 batteries. I just take the 72 Wh battery with me then. Now that I have both, I can take both of them with me and swap them out on the fly.

My T480 upside down with the 24 Wh battery just about to be inserted while the 72 Wh battery is laying between the camera and the laptopd. original image, not downscaled and more compressed

Trackpad, nipple, mouse buttons🔗

I haven’t been using the iconic red nipple other than to play around yet. The nipple is precise, but also slower than the trackpad. If didn’t want to use the trackpad at all, I would also have to repair the left mouse button. It gets stuck when you press it. Therefore, I have been using the left click of the trackpad as a replacement so far.

My T480 wide opened on my white desk with a big monitor connected to it behind it besides other peripherals. original image, not downscaled and more compressed


On the day I got the laptop I put on some of the stickers I had around and weeks later I put on the Nextcloud and pride heart stickers, which a friend gave me. The top of my T480 with the stickers I put on. original image, not downscaled and more compressed The stickers are a Nextcloud sticker, a netzpolitik.org one with


, a Snowden asylum one, the earth from kurzgesagt, which I got delivered for free with one of their Holocene calendars I buy every year, a privacy sticker from Amnesty International, an eat, sleep, do something, repeat one, a Refreshing Memories sticker, a comedic sticker saying that you shouldn’t worry in case of smoke emission and another comedic one warning about surveillance and that you should be acting inconspicuous.

Unfortunately, some of the stickers are already scratched a bit. I didn’t want to put on any protective layer though.


You definitely can’t play the newest Triple A games on this machine. Games like Minecraft, Barotrauma, Bloons TD 6, Mindustry and Over the Counter (Those are the only games I played yet.) are fine on the lowest settings or out of the box. For other stuff like managing files or programming it is absolutely fine though. Do note that I have only been using NixOS on the machine and can’t speak for other OSs performance on the T480.