Identity verification§

Keyoxide iconAnna Aurora (Key of YubiKey 17738056)

Keyoxide iconAnna Aurora (Key of YubiKey 17738253)

I have 2 YubiKeys as a backup each with their own GPG key.

git hosting sites§

Most of my repositories are on Codeberg.

Codeberg iconAnna Aurora

GitHub iconAnna Aurora

GitLab iconAnna Aurora

Social media§

Sometimes I post memes or screenshots of my Sway configuration on Reddit.

Reddit iconveggushroom


Report issues with this website§



The best way to contact me is matrix. Your messages will only be able to be read by me.


If you are new, do not register an account on the server, instead, have a look at this list.


If you really don't want to use [matrix](, I can be reached via Email at


Our emails will be unencrypted meaning anyone that an email passes will be able to read it. If you want to send an encrypted Email, use one of my public keys from Keyoxide.